Outdoor Cooking, Dining, & Entertainment Space

One of the most popular landscape trends in the last five years has been the addition of cooking and entertaining spaces into backyard patio designs. Garden Lights designs and installs outdoor kitchens including; barbecues, cook tops, refrigerators, warming drawers, and even pizza ovens for our clients who can’t get enough of outdoor cooking. We also design and build many styles of fireplaces and fire pits within the entertainment space so our clients can continue to enjoy their outdoor lifestyles well into the chillier months.


The functional features of your landscape such as; patios, decks, walkways, rock walls, fences, arbors, and gazebos add entertaining areas while providing directional flow and boundaries to your yard. Hardscape features can also offer an opportunity for a visual focal point. There is a wide variety of choices in both style and medium of hardscape elements. Our designers will assist you in choosing the best materials based on; use, your preferred colors and style, budget and weather exposure. Our expert team of craftsmen, including carpenters, masons and concrete finishers, will ensure your choice is not only beautiful but functional and durable once installed.


Garden Lights uses an extensive palate of plant materials to satisfy the needs of both the avid gardener and those who prefer a low-maintenance approach. Your yard can be a year-round showplace of color or a serene and simple Zen retreat. Garden Lights custom style; California Romantic combines the English Country Garden with California natives and grasses and is a favorite option for many of our clients. Because many of our landscape projects have been in the Lamorinda area, we are experts on deer resistant planting. We are also well versed on the many different microclimates of the East Bay.

Pools & Spas

We believe that a pool should not be just a hole in the ground for recreational purposes. A pool should enhance the overall look of your landscape and be designed to fit the flow and style of your master garden plan. We all too often see pools installed in the worst possible location, where flow and function of the rest of the yard were never a consideration and where the look and style of the pool have nothing in common with the style of the home or the garden around it. Our approach to swimming pool construction and design is to gracefully blend the pool or spa into its surrounding garden while matching the style of your home and providing a stunning focal point for your yard.


One of the most often overlooked landscaping considerations is your home is appearance after dark. If you’ve invested in a beautifully landscaped property, why not enjoy it and show it off at night. Our lighting technicians are pros at effectively utilizing and installing hundreds of sophisticated lighting options and effects. 

By adding a professionally designed and installed, low-voltage lighting system you will enjoy dramatically different views of your garden at night while enlarging your living space and extending your outdoor entertainment hours. Outdoor lights will also improve your homes value, security and safety.

Water Features

A water feature, such as a pond or pond-less waterfall, can provide a captivating, natural focal point that will draw you, your family and friends out into your garden. A water source will also attract wild life such as birds, butterflies and dragonflies. Many of our clients, and especially their children, have enjoyed providing a home for fish and turtles in their ponds. A waterfall is a practical consideration if you have a noise issue as the calming sounds of falling water can help to mask the unwanted noise.

Having installed over 100 water features, Garden Lights has earned a reputation as the local water-gardening specialist. Our pond construction crews are skilled at choosing and placing the perfect rocks and plants to make your pond and waterfall appear as if theyíve always been there. The proven, self-sufficient pond and pump systems we install provide clear water with very little time spent on maintenance or up-keep.

Consulting Services

Just need some expert advice on a backyard landscape design, patio design or outdoor lights? Garden Lights offers consulting services on design, drainage, irrigation, pruning and plant selection at an hourly rate.  Give us a call at 925-254-4797 or email us to schedule your consultation.

Irrigation & Drainage

Garden Lights will install a well designed irrigation system which combines the use of pop-up and shrub, spray zones with drip lines to achieve both water efficiency and healthy plants. Because of our expertise in designing landscapes for sloping lots Garden Lights irrigation crews are well trained at installing complex drainage systems using surface and French drains.

Seasonal Maintenance

Garden Lightsí Seasonal Maintenance Service is designed to supplement your existing ìmow & blowíî style maintenance. Our seasonal service can be provided 1 to 4 times per year as needed and depending on the season includes; pruning and spraying trees and shrubs, deadheading perennials, weeding and garden clean-up, planting annuals and/or color pots, in addition to resetting your sprinkler and lighting systems to meet the changing weather and daylight conditions.